People call me Mar-bear


Question of the day (an oldie but a goodie)

You work at a local grocery store. You like your job, you make decent money and are relatively happy. One day a man comes in. You know this man because you have seen him and his homeless family many times. You watch as the man shoplifts several items of food. Knowing that he is homeless you know this must be to feed his family. What do you do?

A) Tell your boss and have the man arrested for shoplifting. It is illegal after all.


B) Let the man shoplift without saying a word, though it may cost you your job. He is trying to feed his family after all.


A man and a paperclip...

Today a Canadian man, Kyle MacDonald, will be given a house. One year ago to the day he placed a photo of a red paperclip on Cragslist in hopes to trade for something bigger and better. His ultimate goal was to end up with a house. He reached his goal and will be shaking hands with the mayor of Kipling, Saskatchewan today. They're trading a movie role (from Corbin Bernsen) for a 3 bedroom house on main street in Kipling. MacDonald has said that he will work and will pay for the home (mortgage, utilities etc.).
In the year he has been trading he made 14 trades. Always going to meet the people he was trading with. Going as far as Kentucky. Follow me on the traders journey.

Red paperclip ----> fish shaped pen ----> ceramic cabinet knob (oddly shaped like ET) ----> coleman camping stove ----> generator ----> neon Budweiser sign, empty keg and an IOU for a keg of beer ----> snowmobile ----> paid vacation ----> large moving truck ----> recording contract ----> 1 year free rent in Phoenix, AZ ----> a day with Alice Cooper ---->

At this point Corbin Bernsen jumped on the bandwagon and was going to give him a paid, speaking role in a film. But Kyle could not just take it, the whole point was to barter. So, he traded the day with Alice Cooper for ----> an electric KISS snowglobe with a variable speed setting dial (Corbin Bernsen apparently has a very large collection of snowglobes) ----> Corbin Bernsen movie role ----> house.

So apparently a crazy idea can turn into a reality. As we have just witnessed with Mr. MacDonald. For more information on the past year of trading visit:


You have to be fucking kidding me!

For those of you who know me, you know I was addicted to the World Cup. Yesterday was the final game, France v. Italy. Now I love the sport, soccer, itself, but I think I love wathcing the men playing more. Yesterday there were many fine prospects to eye. Toni and Cannavaro from Italy...bella. From France Zinedene Zidane. His sexy point kept rising with each game France played. Then is the 110th minute he flips his shit. Now I don't know what Mazeratti said or did, but did it warrant a head butt to the chest? I think not. Zindane has been cool and composed this whole tournament and then in the final game, in the 1st overtime he blows a gasket. I was less than pleased. He is the captain, leader and go to guy on France's team. To let down your teammates, coach and country, shame on you Zidane. Needless to say his sexy points went way down and the Worl Cup ended on classless act. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Apparently the clip of Zidane head butting was an infrigement, so here is a funny video...


Question of the day?

You're in a tropical locale far away from any real civilization. The secluded hut you have rented is at least 2 miles from the next hut. While chilling in your hut a familiar sensation arises. You have to poop! You do so and it's montrous, explosive, foul and quite possibly might make you pass out. You go to reach for TP and realize there is none! What do you do?

A) Use your traveler's checks that are in your purse.


B) Walk, crawl, run or whatever the 2 miles to a neighbor's hut with mud butt for the real TP.

The choice is up to you!


Roller Derby Rules!

Big Red doin' her thing!

One of many pile-ups bound to occur at a bout!

Don't fall jammer!

For those of you who don't know Atlanta has its very own Roller Derby League. Which I must say kicks serious ass. When players have names like Pearl Reckless, Billy Clobberday, Raging Cock, Big Red (my personal favorite), Viva La Hate how could it not seriously kick ass. There are 4 teams who are all made up of equally amaing women. So if you're down for a good time, come check it out the 2nd Sunday of each month. Come early, grill a burger and get tanked...the roller girls do!



I have just heard the most wonderful news ever Cartoon Network has picked up Pee-Wee's Playhouse. While Pee-Wee is a dirty man, his show was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Now you along with me can rewatch Pee-Wee's Playhouse on Adult Swim Mondays through Thursdays @ 11 p.m. starting July 10th! Get excited! I know I am!!!!!


Today represents 666. Is there really any basis to think that this is anything important? To me it is just another day. Nothing bad is going to happen. The Antichrist is not coming back, or at least anytime soon. I just really don't see all the hoopla that's being generated. I mean sure it's a great day to release the remake of the Omen, but really other than, what is there? NOTHING. It's a just another day and in 100 years there will be another who really cares? I know I don't.


You learn something new everyday

So, yesterday I was at the grocery store with Chiggers getting ready to check-out. I pull out my trustworthy plastic and proceed to swipe. To my dismay a message appears saying "Read error. Re-swipe". I try and I try and I try, but nothing. What am I going to do, this was my only form of money. Suddenly the cashier swoops in and saves the day like Mighty Mouse. He takes my card and a plastic grocery bag. With the grocery bag in one hand and the card in the other, he careful wraps the card. Then starts swiping the plastic card, covered in plastic bag and wouldn't ya know it worked! I was shocked! I was amazed, I could get my groceries and to top it all off I learned a handy little trick. Who knows it maybe something I use for years to come. Thank you cashier boy, thank you.